TAS/Mantica to improve real-time ML capabilities for Predictive Scoring Systems running on IBM z/OS

TAS/Mantica to improve real-time ML capabilities for Predictive Scoring Systems running on IBM z/OS

TAS Group hosted last week a two-day workshop where AI/ML data experts from Mantica and IBM came together to determine how Mantica’s Adaptive Intelligence platform can be leveraged and applied by IBM’s Watson Machine Learning technology on its z/OS operating system.

During an intense couple of days of knowledge sharing, data scientists from both organizations offered a deep dive into their respective platforms and technologies to evaluate compatibility and synergy between the models. The aim is to make available a powerful and truly real-time Predictive Scoring System in a z/OS environment that harnesses and unites the considerable ML capabilities and technologies of both Mantica and IBM.

The next steps will be the functional verification of Mantica Models at the IBM R&D laboratory in Germany followed by performance testing in early September at Monpellier Labs. Once this is completed, select IBM Customers will have the opportunity to view first-hand the value of the new Scoring System in the last quarter of 2019.

Following the workshop, Amedeo Borin, Managing Director of Mantica, described the session as “a really useful and intensive meeting where the understanding and collaboration were immediate”. He then added, “I am sure our Predictive Models combined with IBM technologies will give strength and quality to the new Scoring Service on IBM z/OS systems, creating interest and market towards Customers. We have laid the foundations for an important and strategic collaboration to enhance technologies and solutions based on Machine Learning, applicable in any industrial sector.”

Eberhard Hechler, Executive Architect at IBM Data and AI said the workshop had been “very productive, with good progress made, increased confidence regarding the porting of Mantica models to WMLz, and a pragmatic workplan set with target dates.”

Since early 2019 Mantica has been part of TAS Group where its adaptive intelligence models power the TAS Fraud Protect suite. Through positive collaborations such as this, TAS Group is excellently positioned to deliver highly effective solutions to meet today’s payments fraud challenges and beyond.


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