Oracle adds Mantica to its cloud based Digital Innovation Platform for Open Banking

Oracle adds Mantica to its cloud based Digital Innovation Platform for Open Banking

Mantica is excited to be part of a fine selection of global partners chosen by Oracle to their cloud based Digital Innovation Platform for Open Banking.

The Digital Innovation Platform for Open Banking was introduced by Oracle during its Oracle OpenWord (San Francisco – October 2017 ).

The Digital Innovation Platform for Open Banking includes a comprehensive set of PaaS capabilities as well as an open API framework enabling banks and fintechs to collaborate on a common cloud platform. This digital innovation platform for open banking enables the development and deployment of fintech capabilities on a single platform in the public cloud.

Oracle’s solution for open banking collaboration affords financial institutions the opportunity to secure data, algorithms and services through an open API model. Now more than ever, the banking industry relies on a digital-first marketplace, and Oracle equips customers with a best-in-class open banking solution that will expedite innovation.” (from “Oracle Press release” San Francisco, Calif.—Oct 2, 2017).

Mantica improves Services through the Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence based system in the Fintech district.

Automatically generates predictive models, produces Insight Analytics via Mantica Dashboard and offers API’s to query the predictive models.

As a Fintech API partner of the Oracle Digital Innovation Platform, Mantica offers its API’s to query Data Science Models produced by its Machine Learning Platform.

Mantica reduces the time to Insights for Analytics.

Amedeo Borin, President at Mantica Inc., says “Mantica first goal is to wrap the Machine Learning in a simple way for domain experts usage and to deliver Machine Learning services to the final customer (model as a service) in a fast way.

ORACLE’s Customer can create and use Advanced and Predictive Analytics based on Machine Learning in a fast and easy way, without the need to write code for machine learning. This is possible thanks to the high integration of Mantica with Oracle. It means that solutions like Oracle Visualization or Big Data Discovery can have a single process approach integrated with the results of Machine Learning in a transparent way. 

Moreover, Mantica offers Oracle’s customers a scalable Machine Learning solution thanks to the possibility to choose a flexible and scalable technological architecture from Oracle Big Data Appliance to Oracle Cloud.

The next #OracleMBX (Modern Business Experience) events (april 2018), the one-day executive forum by Oracle, will take place in London and Amsterdam and the Oracle Digital Innovation Platform will be presented together with the experiences of a few Fintech API partner including Mantica.

Mantica is proud to be in partnership with Oracle and its integration with Oracle Cloud open new ways to deliver Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS) to transform banking.