Today’s businesses need predictive and prescriptive advanced analytics to discover opportunities for growth in an increasingly competitive landscape. Machine Learning is the solution to make decisions on time.

Adaptive Intelligence

MANTICA provides an Adaptive Intelligence platform to perform Intelligent Data Mining enabling anyone to build predictive models and integrate them in Business applications.

Big Data vs Small Data

MANTICA finds the best SMALL DATA contents in the BIG DATA context to deduct and discover hidden rules, hidden relationships and similarity behaviors, dramatically reducing process time.

Machine Learning

MANTICA Adaptive Intelligence is based on Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) algorithms. These algorithms, based upon science and mathematics, do indeed allow to fully and deeply understand data to resolve real world problems.


An adaptive approach to intelligent data mining enabling enterprises to look forward and beyond the traditional view of data. MANTICA is currently applied successfully to resolve real world problems in multiple industries.

Financial Services

MANTICA makes the holistic view of the customer possible, enabling financial institutions to enhance customer services and to mitigate risk. It can yield insights on behaviour data entities along with pattern recognition, graph exploration, probable hidden relationship services.


MANTICA improves preventive maintenance performance with a great predictive accuracy to the component level.
Optimizing supply chains and creating greater economies of scale, reducing stock-outs, improving forecast accuracy and customer delivery dates.


The prediction of relevant behavioral outcomes are influenced by consumer preferences, and consumer preferences change quickly. Implicit and explicit behaviors can be incorporated into consumer behavior analysis for developing or improving marketing strategies on time.

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We help to predict future behaviors of a given problem across a 360° degree view of the problem to solve.
Mantica helps to explore the wide spectrum of connections and behaviors and drastically reduce the cycle time to solve the problem.
MANTICA is currently applied successfully to resolve real world problems in multiple application fields.

Customer Analysis

MANTICA offers advanced clustering techniques that allow to get a complete profile of the customer.
Our advanced analytics help to predict future behavior across a 360° degree view of the customer, using information such as the customer’s needs, behaviors, demographics and even the social profile information.

Predictive Maintenance

Machine Learning algorithms help to drastically reduce the cycle time to solve maintenance problems related to machines and components failures and taking actions. The predictions produced by Mantica can help to improve the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and save money by minimizing equipment failure.

Fraud and Risk

Fraudulent event on financial or Insurance operations may have different characteristics and behaviors. Our Machine Learning pipelines are able to recognize fraudulent patterns, drastically reducing the cycle of recognition of a probable fraud event, choosing the correct data to be learned, identifying false positives and negatives and the “noise”, with a rapid response to the user.


Empowering the Internet of things – infrastructure, vehicles, devices with sensors, make grades available amount of data in the different industries.
Mantica adds value to the information gathered by integrating them with Advanced Analytics actions and decision-making.


It is possible to understand complex relationships by combining predictive analytics.
This is why we have developed pipelines of algorithms that can discover similar behaviors, classify and give results to the end user. That’s why Mantica is an End to End solution.


Data contains information to be discovered. Cluster analysis as such is not an automatic task, but an iterative process of knowledge discovery.
Mantica has developed optimized efficient methods to reduce complexity to recognize patterns, capturing correlation and dependence among behavioral characteristics.

Net Analysis

Net Analysis is useful to find the relationships hidden within complex networks among actors.
Using net analysis you’ll have a visual exploration to tackle problems where the relation is a central information: identifying influencers and affinities, discovering hubs in the network which have lots of relationships.

Classification & Prediction

Classification and Prediction are generally covered by statistical approach, but we think that given a problem, it is not only important to say if the prediction is accurate and well classified, but it is also important to provide the meaning of why it is accurate.
With Mantica the study of behaviors combined with the result explains the result itself better.

Integration with the customer process

Mantica API is the interface that allows to deploy the saved predictive models and to use them in real-time within the customer process for giving services.

Algorithm Pipelines

Our algorithm pipelines cover the gap between data scientists knowledge and business users needs, giving to the user the power to explore behavioral similarity among data and find hidden relations using several scenarios.


Our workflows cover the overall process, learning from the data, setting out the model and publishing it on-line, integrating it with the customer process, for doing services.


Thanks to the Iterative Process of Mantica Data Preparation and Learning Model Calibration, Domain Experts and Data Scientists will have more confidence and significant results with Mantica Advanced Analytics.


Totally scalable, easy-to-use, wholly integrated, which dramatically increases productivity and reduces processing time

Data Preparation

MANTICA supports the phase of preparing data for modeling the Machine Learning with automated workflows, giving the power to understand the process to the domain experts and not only to the data scientists.

Adaptive Learning

MANTICA is an adaptive intelligent platform based on the principle that is at the foundation of Artificial Adaptive Systems, which are capable of changing their rules on the basis of the learning process.


Analyze and explore data through interactive visual dashboards. MANTICA allows the continuous observation of the information and its changes.


MANTICA arises from a combination of world-class Data Scientists and enterprise Software Engineers with
proprietary technology delivering advanced analytics and intelligent data mining consultancy.


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